The United Fund has a long & proud history of raising funds for agencies providing services for the residents in the Corry Area.  The campaign is held every Autumn from September thru November.

​   United Fund has always been an autonomous organization, not affiliated with any other United Way.  The monies Corry raises stays in Corry to help our own citizens.

  In the past 24 years the United Fund Campaigns have raised over 4 million dollars for social service agencies in our community.  The United Fund has maintained a budget of 13% or less throughout its history.

  • D. Armour Hillstrom
  • Earl T. Cherry
  • Roger M. Brown
  • Dallas C. Smiley
  • Olin W. Bracken
  • Duane N. Fogle
  • Howard J. Sheen
  • Edward E. Hawkins


Corry  Area United Fund

"You can help to make someone's life better."

   The United Fund of the Corry Area was incorporated as the Corry Community Chest in November of 1947.  The Mission  of the Corry Community Chest :: To promote cooperation & service adequate to the needs of the community among social service agencies, to assist in the organization of new social service agencies when necessary, & to conduct an effective planning and execution of the social work program of the community.  To receive cash subscriptions, notes, promises to pay, gifts & bequests,  and existing for social, philanthropic, correctional, or protective purposes.

  Later, the name was changed to United Fund of the Corry Area, Inc.