United Fund of the Corry Area, Inc.

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Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania

​Girl Scouts of Western PA use the funds from the United Fund of the Corry Area to provide services and support for the Girls Scout Troops in the  Corry area.  The funds provide the following, all of which contribute to a successful and meaningful Girl Scout Leadership Experience:

  •   Supplies for troop and camp opportunities
  •   Volunteer training , support, and program delivery
  •   Development of program activities and Girl Scout curricula
  •   Liaising with schools and program partners to offer Girl     Scouts in local environments

The support of the United Fund positions GSWPA to best address the needs of the Corry area Girl Scouts, from providing support volunteers need to better serve and mentor the girls, to providing financial assistance to those girls at or below the poverty line to ensure that all girls can fully benefit from Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts raise additional funds through the following revenue streams:   special events, foundation grants, corporate partnerships, individual giving retail sales, and product sales , which include their Fall Magazine and Nut Sale and the Winter Cookie Sale.

For more information on the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania, visit their website at:  www.gswpa.org