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Mead Park Association

​Mead Park has 45,000 visitors annually.  All amenities at the Park  are provided at no cost to users.  The accessibility of the 46 acre Mead Park inside the city limits greatly enhances the quality of life for the entire community.  Low income individuals and families especially benefit.  Many have limited resources and opportunities for leisure time and healthy physical activities in a safe outdoor setting.  People can walk through the Park and enjoy the rustic wooded property.  Play equipment, picnic areas, a fitness trail, restroom facilities, tennis courts, a basketball court and open field area are maintained for the  recreational use of anyone visiting the Park.  Summertime included youth (under age 16) fishing in Alice Lake (stocked annually by the Mead Park Association).

Maintaining the Park to today's standards is an ongoing process for the Mead Park Association and City.  The Association generates funds and is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the City owned Park.  The Friends of Mead Park have donated countless hours over the  past two years repairing, painting, power washing and landscaping throughout the Park.  Association dollars have been used to replace old and purchase new equipment, materials, and supplies.  Bringing the Park into the 21st Century while maintaining the historical integrity of the Park is the primary focus of the 2017 long range Master Site Plan.  Currently, Plan Phase I Construction is in process.  Other priorities that will be addressed in later Phases include are not limited to additional new restrooms, new management building, road  and parking upgrades, renovation of lodges, a permanent ice skating rink, new hiking/biking trail and ADA upgrades to pavilions and all areas of the Park with major upgrades to the amphitheater.

For more information on Mead Park Association, visit their page at:  www.meadpark.org