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Corry Public Library

​The Corry Public Library is a small independent library that provides the town of Corry and its surrounding towns and boroughs with a variety of resources in an array of formats from large print books to audio books and databases.  The library also offers a diverse range of dynamic programs for all ages to ensure that the library is a welcoming place for all community members.  The programs range from Baby Boogie, when babies 6 months and up can come and enjoy music in motion to One on One computer assistance so that staff may assist patrons with writing resumes or downloading eBooks. 

The library offers the STEAM program which refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  It is these areas that will be used in the jobs of tomorrow and the library can make learning STEAM fun in a variety of activities and equipment.  

The library offers dynamic programming to meet the educational and entertainment needs of the community.  Some examples of these programs are Support on the Spectrum (a gathering of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those that support them), Craft Corners, Summer Reading Quest, Escape Rooms, Summer Book Scavenger and more.  Adult engagement in the library allows for the opportunity to bring people in and show them that the library is an ever changing environment, that we are here for everyone and that the library offers more than books.

For more information on the Corry Public Library visit their website:  corrylibrary.org