2018 Victory Results

The 2018 Campaign Victory Reception was held on November 14th at the Cobblestone Inn and Suites in Corry, PA.  The total amount raised so far in this campaign is $124,785.90 which is 96% of $130,000 goal.

The amounts raised per division are as follows:

Division                                                     Goal                               Amount Pledged                 % of Goal

Industry                                                     $70,000                          $80,986.40                              115%

Small Business                                        $24,400                         $16,265.20                                66%

Education & Public Service              $17,400                        $12,005.20                                68%

Professionals                                           $   3,500                        $   2,175.00                                62%

Direct Mail/Retired Teachers        $14,700                        $13,354.00                                 90%

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Public Incorporators, I would like to thank the 2018 Campaign Cabinet for their part at helping to make this campaign a success.  Also, a big "Thank You" to everyone that  donated or pledged through your employer.  

It isn't to late to donate to this campaign you can do so through Paypal or by mail to:  PO Box 145  Corry, PA  16407.


2018 Campaign- August 15th-November 15th

We are getting ready to kick-off the 2018 Campaign.  The campaign runs from August 15th through November 15th.  Our goal this year is $130,000 and we hope to reach it to help our member agencies continue to do their needed work in the Corry area.  Help us by supporting the United Fund of Corry.  It is:  "Your Money, Your City"

​​​2018 United Fund Annual Meeting

​The Corry Area United Fund would like to '"Thank" all of the Board Members, Public Incorporators, and Member Agencies that were in attendance at the meeting which was held at the Club House at North Hills Golf Course on March 14th at 6:00 pm.

Amy Helmer, Board Vice-President presented a  "Certificate of Appreciation" to Erika Fenstermaker,  representative for Associated Spring/Barnes Group. They have been the largest contributor for the past 5 Campaigns of the United Fund with over $180,000 employee/company match.

Amy Helmer read off the amounts that will be allocated to the Member Agencies in 2018. They are as follows:

American Red Cross, Corry Chapter $5,000.00
Barber National Institute- $625.00-(designated)
Corry Area Boy Scouts $750.00
Corry Area Food Pantry $12,750.00
Corry Higher Education Council $625.00--(designated)
Corry Public Library $1,700.00
Crime Victim Center $10,500.00
Girl Scouts of Western PA $750.00
Life Care Pregnancy Center $5,500.00
Love I.N.C. $7,000.00
Mead Park Association $4,000.00
Safe Journey $5,000.00
Salvation Army $20,000.00
YMCA $15,100.00
Total allocated: $89,300.00

A big "Thank You" to all that supported the campaign this year to help our Member Agencies continue to do their work in our community. ​


United Fund of the Corry Area, Inc.